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About Us

Ranatrans was founded in 1999, having, its headquarters in a small office in Gaia. Today, we have na office, not only in the Tower Plaza building (Head office), but also in Lisbon, Luanda and the city of Praia, Cape Verde.

Initially, our focus was only on the PALOPS, however, today, we are, undoubtedty, a company with a global scope, through a network of agents that guarantee the maximum quality of service, and we continue investing in strategic markets, as our offices in Angola and Cape Verde can prove.


Who Are We

On this page we present our mission, our vision and our values.

Quality Policy

Know the quality of our policy to make sure we provide you with the excellence of our service.


We have several certifications that show, unquestionably, the quality of the service we provide.


We have several distinctions that allow us to prove the calibre of the quality of service that we supply.

Privacy Policy

Know the privacy of our policy to make sure your data is safe with us.