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Our Services:

Air Freight

When the urgency arises, the air transport of goods is essential. Cargo at destination in 48 hours.

Sea Freight

When the volume of cargo is large and time is not a priority factor, we advise shipping.

Inland Freight

Ground transport continues to play a fundamental role, ships and airplanes still do not deliver to customer's doorsteps.

Keep up with all the news

Declared State of Emergency in Angola

The State of Emergency in Angola was declared, starting at 00:00 on 28 March. All non-essential private companies have to close.

Delivery time extended to the Port of Lisbon

The dockers' strike was extended until April 14th in the Port of Lisbon. We ask caution to all customers, the service may have some interruptions.

Ranatrans in the world:


Headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia and having a branch in Lisbon, Ranatrans is already a reference in the sector.


Luanda was the chosen destination for Ranatrans's first internationalization.

Cabo Verde

Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, was our second bet in terms of internationalization.